Monday, 4 June 2012

My first commissioned doll!

I was recently asked to crochet a brown-haired brown-eyed doll for the niece of a friend. I used the same pattern as before and I'm definitely refining the pattern.

I started her on Tuesday whilst husband was having man-friend time (steak and prayer). I sat in our little office with gossip girl and a glass of wine and honestly had a wonderful time!

On saturday, whilst Mike was painting a bureau for my birthday present, i finished her body on a deckchair in the garden. (I love our garden at the moment, we don't have much in there because it's rented but the pansies, alliums and irises are very joyful!)

Somehow she ended up with a little kink in the body - but this was sorted out with some extra stuffing.

 I finished off the dress on Sunday afternoon since it was a bit too wet to go out. 
The dress is more pale than I envisaged but she's lovely and was well received!

How has everyone's jubilee weekend been so far? We spent saturday morning watching a bit of tv with a cup of fresh-brewed vanilla coffee before setting about cleaning the tops and insides of the kitchen cupboards (so that it's less work when we move out). I made a test batch of lemonade scones (since I didn't trust the recipe and I had to take some to a garden party today) and then sat in the garden. Sunday morning was church followed by clothes shopping for Mike. He hates buying clothes but has lost weight so desperately needed new jeans/tshirts and a hoodie as well as a waterproof coat. The trip was a success and I managed to buy myself a few summery things as well. In the evening we had settled down to watch harry potter with a bowl of nachos when our neighbours knocked on us (northern phrase?) to come out onto the green where they'd put up a marquee and a projector and were drinking wine and watching kind hearts and coronets. We had such a fun evening as more and more neighbours came out onto the green in the middle of the close with blankets, floor cushions, wine and snacks. The marquee was lovely with the jubilee bunting designed by all the children at school and flickering tealights and lanterns. I am definitely doing this for my birthday party! The film was great too. I'm normally put off by black and white but it was very funny and highly recommended. The rain and wind meant I didn't catch it all but I was also busy crocheting a pink elephant and forgoing wine in favour of nutella melted into hot milk. I think 2 of our widowed neighbours are busy falling in love with one another too which was lovely to see. Today we had some pancakes (with the friend who asked for the doll) and then went to a garden party with the batch of the scones. I'm about to post that as a separate recipe!

 We still have one more day of holiday. Hopefully it won't rain because we have punting booked :)


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