Wednesday, 30 May 2012


At the weekend, Mike and I went to legoland with Rach and Andrzej (my housemates from university, but so much more than that). We had a great time: epic weather, water rides, a new sunhat, acrobatic pirates and, of course, lego. Mike remembered not enjoying miniland very much when he was younger but it was the best bit of the day! The models were amazing, especially with all the moving vehicles (boats, trains) and the bus which drove onto a ferry and got taken across a bay. I would definitely recommend going, especially since you can exchange £7.50 worth of tesco vouchers for a ticket at the moment. 

That elephant in the top left sprayed us with water as we went passed, a blessing on such a hot day. And the bottom photo of the lego monmatre is taken 4.5 years after our trip to see the real thing.
the real thing!

Top: lego tour de france, middle: lego hang-gliders, bottom: lego trucks

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  1. Ah, maybe we ought to go back to Paris and reminisce about that time we went to Legoland?