Sunday, 6 May 2012

5 flooded miles

this is a picture heavy post!

We didn't get out for a walk yesterday due to having to go into town to look at phone contracts for Mike (and having a very fun afternoon playing blokus and eating cake and cookies with friends). Today when we woke up to blue skies we were desperate to get out so decided to do one of the shorter (5 mile) walks, so that if we came to a flood we could turn back and still get a decent walk.
the route! the numbers relate to photos not miles.

stats: length - 5.01 miles, duration - 1:28:11, pace - 17:34 min/mi (3.4 mph)

First thing to notice is the incredibly slow pace. This was due to taking photos (to put in this post/send to my mum), the necessary detour through a wood, and my fear of wet feet making the no-detour flooded part slow going. The detour also added 0.4 miles onto the route.

1. The first part of the walk is just through the village, passed some lovely thatched cottages, and then across a weir. This persons' garden made me laugh (their house was very safe so it's ok to laugh). It looked like they could still row out to the washing line to peg out. The path to the weir was a bit flooded though so we used the bank instead. Thus far - pressing on

1. someone's garden and the flooded weir

2. After a mile we faced our first barrier. Even walking around the field to the next bit didn't help. Initially, we decided to wade through this incase we could just keep close to the edge but we finally decided to scramble up the bank and found this very overgrown path through the trees. A man was very surprised to see us down there 'did you not just stay in the field?' - no 'cos that's not very adventurous.

2. Attempts 1 and 2, wading through and finally relenting

3. Even once we got back up above the river, there was more flooding. This 'grass' is actually crop and we were on a raised bit. Husband went ahead because he had an extra 2 inch of welly on me.
3. I think husband has longer wellies than me

 This bridge goes over a normally dry river bed. We decided at this point to take the shorter route back towards home.

normally dry river bed

4. This route back goes via a lonning (as we call them in Cumbria where I'm from) next to a manor house which I think is now a school. Anyway, Mike decided that he'd like to live anywhere that has such an awesome treehouse in the garden. 
4. Treehouse

5.  After crossing a few fields, we turn back down the hill towards our home village. I love rapeseed (Mike can't stand the smell) and it makes my heart leap to see so much jolly yellow around.
5. Rapeseed.

 And back to the village. This road goes around the bottom of the village but has been flooded since last weekend.
Flood sign, you don't say

So now we're home and dry and eating mysterious freezer food (do you ever just get a random bit of tupperware out of the freezer? it turned out to be yummy curry). An afternoon of pottering ahead before church tonight.


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