Tuesday, 1 May 2012

First Post

Hello there! 

My name is Claire, I am 25 and I hope to blog here about the things I love: crochet, cooking, cycling, church and the rest of my life. 

I'm originally from Cumbria but now I live in a village near Oxford.  I have been here for 8 years, first as an undergraduate Engineer and now doing a PhD in modelling of the brain during stroke.

I learned to crochet in January 2011 and am slowly refining a collection of toys and blankets. I also love to bake, make chutney and jam, read country living and dream about my future house. 

I am married to Mike, who designs cars for Jaguar. He was an engineer at Oxford's other university, we met playing in the same band at church. We have a website www.claireandmike.co.uk

Please stick around to get to know me as I start to develop this blog and refine the content. I hope to keep a bit of a record of everything I love and hopefully there will be something you'll enjoy. 

With lots of love

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