Thursday, 24 May 2012

Picnic time

It was such a nice day on Tuesday that we decided to take our dinner with us for a picnic. We made a quick potato, mint and pea salad (with pesto and cream cheese dressing), and a quinoa and sundried tomato salad (with basil, garlic and parmesan dressing) and put them in our picnic rucksack with some ginger beer and some lemon drizzle cake from Jacobs and Field deli/cafe in headington.

We walked up by the river (that was flooded a few weeks ago) and settled into a secluded nook with our picnic rug. This bit of the river is only reachable on walks over 5 miles (you have to turn around to make it shorter) so we thought we'd be alone but there were a few dog walkers and even a cyclist!

After the picnic we walked back to the village where some kids were swimming in the river. I managed a paddle and an exclamation at the temperature before coming home for a warm shower.

Sorry it's been a while since I blogged-a wedding last weekend, and no crochet when its so sunny outside are conspiring against anything blog worthy. For two days I've just sat in a cafe in headington writing my thesis, and last night we went to the pub with friends who just got back from a round the world trip (I drank pimms, ate scallops in a fit of extravagance and an amazing white chocolate creme brulee).

I may do a review of my favourite places to work in Oxford that aren't my lab- because today me and the iPad are off to an icecream shop to get away from the basement an take advantage of the sun


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  1. So glad you're getting to enjoy the sun!

    That potato salad sounds amazing - I was just thinking last night that I need to make a minty-pesto for a potato and pea salad.