Monday, 4 June 2012

lemonade scones

I made the lemonade scones today from the vintage tea party book (highly recommended by the way). They don't keep very well at all but they also don't last long because they're are so incredibly light! I didn't believe that this recipe could work but they were very yummy.

325g SR flour, sifted
6 fl oz lemonade (the better quality lemonade adds more lemon flavour but these can be made with fizzy water)
6 fl oz thick cream (I added some craime fraiche too).

Mix the liquids together and fold into the flour leaving the tiniest amount for glazing. Don't mix too much and don't worry if the mixture seems very wet. Grab small bits and roll in slightly floured hands into balls before flattening onto a lined baking tray. Glaze with the liquid and a sprinkling of sugar. Cook on 180 for 15 minutes and take off the paper as soon as you can touch them or they'll stick.


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  1. I have this book (unsurprising I suppose)! And definitely used it for inspiration for last weekend's afternoon tea.

    When I first got it I was really disappointed (no idea why, maybe I was just in a bad mood!) but once I spent some more time reading it I've totally come round to it. I need to try out some of the tea based cocktails!