Friday, 6 July 2012

Bunny Rabbit Rattle (with pattern)

I saw lots of these on holiday being sold for large amounts of money so decided to make one. This is a prototype which will be given to the next baby or baby bump I find for testing before I amend the pattern.

*amendment 1 - brighter colours

I suck at faces
The head is a flat circle of increases:

round 1: ch 2, 6 sc into 2nd ch from hook
round 2: 2 sc into each (12 sc)
round 3: *2 sc in 1st, 1 sc in 2nd around* (18sc) - change colour
round 4: *2 sc in 1st, 1 sc in 2nd and 3rd* around (24sc)
round 5: *2sc in 1st, 1sc in 2nd:4th* around (30sc)
etc until desired head size is reached
round 10: sc in back loops only around
round 11-13: sc in both loops around
round 14: sc in front loops around
then decrease in the same way as rounds 1:9 changing colours as appropriate and stuffing with a bell and stuffing before you reach the end.

made in the round, no need to stuff

round 1: ch 2, 4 sc into 2nd ch from hook
round 2: 2 sc in each (8 sc)
round 3: sc around
change colours as desired and continue until proportional to head.

made in the round and stuffed tightly

round 1: ch8 and join
round 2: sc in each around (8 sc)
continue until it can fit around your wrist stuffing as you go.
Join together with a needle and then sew to head.

I suck at faces, this is just a mess.


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