Monday, 1 October 2012

Green tomato chutney

I gave up waiting for our tomatoes to turn red. Secretly I was pretty happy about this 'cos it meant I could make green tomato chutney. 

before and after

The recipe is very simple and comes from a neighbour. She gave the recipe to my mum. It's pretty old school- if you like chutney with a kick then this isn't for you and it's very sweet. However it's so easy and tasty that it's worth making. It goes very well on a cheese scone instead of pickle. 

The recipe:
1lb green tomatoes
1lb white onion
1lb raisins
1lb sugar
1 bottle HP fruity sauce

Simply chop everything and stir together resisting the temptation to add liquid (plenty will come out of the tomatoes). It is ready when you scrape a spatula across the bottom of the pan and it leaves a gap. 

scrape and it's done

Now I've made my first chutney of the year it may be time to start on Christmas chutney and marmalade for Christmas presents. 


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