Monday, 10 September 2012

Work outfits


this is exciting because it means I can blog again.

I started work last week. First post back is this one purely about dressing up for work. Having been a student for 8 years (yes) I am used to wearing jeans, or pjs. But last week I got to dress up smartly every day and wear heels. I bought some lovely underdress slips (not the squeezey ones though because I thought I was going to faint when I tried one) and played around with existing dresses. I also bought a new 3/4 sleeve dress and a belt from Jaeger which I adore (but it was too warm to wear the dress last week). I currently have 8 outfits, but may buy one more dress in navy 'cos I'm taking the one with the gold collar back.

The first week of work was great! It was an induction week with some playing around with cars, and lots of team building. For the next month though it's back to finishing the PhD. Which I better actually get back to because I'm supposed to be submitting this week. 

so long



  1. These outfits are so cute! Glad to hear your first week went well :)

  2. Beautiful! I especially like 3 and 7.
    I'm screwed if I ever have to wear smart stuff to work - today I'm wearing a skirt with oil marks down the back (I may have had a slight mishap on the bike this morning) and a cardigan with a massive hole in the sleeve.

    I'm goingfor 'ragtag' and I think I'm hitting it.